1. Skill sets

1. Skill sets.

PYCL 515 Assignment #2 – Self-Improvement Plan (FPEC 9.1, 10.4; InTASC 4q,r)
School counselors recognize that their own learning and development is a continuous, lifelong process. They routinely evaluate their knowledge, professional competencies, and outcomes of their services. They use evaluation and self-reflection to determine specific needs for continuing professional development, and they acquire training and attend continuing professional development activities in order to strengthen weaknesses and to remain current in meeting the needs of all stakeholders.
For this assignment, you are required to write a 4-5-page paper in which you evaluate your knowledge and competencies in the field of school counseling, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and write an action plan. Use the outline below to guide your writing:
1. What competencies do you think school counseling will require of you? (1-2 pgs.) For example, think about:
1. Skill sets
2. Personality traits
3. Academic abilities
4. Make sure to include your strengths/weaknesses related to advocacy, leadership, diversity, and technology skills
2. What are your STRENGTHS in relation to these competencies? (1 pg.)
What are your WEAKNESSES in relation to these competencies? (1 pg.)
1. Develop an action plan that explains how you will overcome your weaknesses in at least 2 areas.
Make sure your plan is SPECIFIC and time-limited (you must be able to complete your plan by the
2 weekend of the course). For example, don’t say “improve my listening skills” but instead, “meet once a week with my nephew to practice listening without interrupting.” (1 pg.)
The paper must be typed and double spaced. While APA style is not yet required, use of headers is strongly encouraged to organize the paper.


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1. Skill sets


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