1It is an argumentative essay

1It is an argumentative essay.

It is an argumentative essay about how online learning has caused more problems than the solution of social distancing in itself. The reason for taking this position is because after approximately one year of studying online many families here in the United States and outside can not afford certain resources, teachers aren’t technologically equipped, and the internet is unsafe. This is a problem because every child deserves a right to an education in America, and this includes having the tools to provide a proper education or have them be provided. There are three main supporting points that I am going to make to prove my claim. The first argument is low-income families don’t have internet access or laptops to fully learn virtually; since schools closed in the spring, districts have struggled to get computers and internet to students so they can continue their education at home. The second argument is teachers aren’t prepared to troubleshoot their own problems, and many weren’t given proper training to teach only online. Lastly, my third argument is classrooms are being hacked so it also puts into question the integrity of the curriculum, and who has access once everything has been digitized. The counterarguments that I will encounter are online classes are useful since students can access course materials anytime it is convenient for them. Also, students have direct control of when and where they complete schoolwork, as well as their own tempo.


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1It is an argumentative essay


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