4Choose one of the following

4Choose one of the following.

Choose one of the following questions and write a 3000 word essay on it. Question 1: Everyday Apocalypse In “Climate Change and the Struggle for Genre” Stephanie LeMenager argues for close reading that is attuned to “environmental degradation, war, and even extinction without the self-indulgent excitement attached to narratives of apocalypse” (225).
In other words, she argues for thinking about how these bigger ecological and political struggles are represented on a smaller scale, in novels about everyday life, love and loss. With careful reference to On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous, and at least one poem from the list below, discuss how the environmental crisis is represented as a mundane part of everyday life, and to what extent the text/s endorse or reject apocalyptic excitations. Poetry: Clover, J. S., & Juliana. (2014). #MISANTHROPOCENE 24 Theses. Commune Editions. Lorde, A. (1991). Making Love to Concrete. Callaloo, 14.1, 41–42. Lorde, A. (1972). Coal. Transatlantic Review, 41, 47. Rukeyser, M. Selections from ‘The Book of the Dead [1938]’. Collected Poems of Collected Poems of Muriel Rukeyser (pp. 73–75, 106–111). University of Pittsburgh Press. Spahr, J. (2015). Tradition. In That Winter the Wolf Came. Commune Editions. Question 2: Kinship and the Environment A Thousand Acres represents a white American family transforming and managing a landscape for agricultural purposes; On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous is an epistolary memoir of an individual caught up in global struggles for territory and political dominance seeking to find a community or family. The text is written as a letter to his mother. Finally, “The Camille Stories” represents an alternative future kinship structure and different way of relating to both people and place.


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4Choose one of the following


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