6Overview In this essay

6Overview In this essay.

Overview In this essay, you will argue for the best way to either quit a bad habit or to develop a good habit. This essay will consist of the following four elements Section A: Define the habit. What does this habit look like? If you are talking about sleep, how many hours do you mean? Is there a consistent time to go to bed and wake up? Section B: Determine why someone should spend the time developing/quitting this habit i.e. what are the benefits of developing/quitting the habit and/or what are the downfalls of developing/quitting the habit Section C: Identify all the possible methods that one could use to develop/quit this habit and the advantages and disadvantages of each method Putting it all together (Combine Sections A, B, and C): Argue that a particular method is a better way to develop/quit a particular way. Also, consider arguing that particular methods are suitable for particular groups of people.
 Assignment Requirements You must write a 1200-1500 word essay. A strong essay will include all of the following: Thesis: A thesis that is persuasive in nature and makes an argument that a particular method is a better way to develop/quit a particular way. Body paragraphs: Strong body paragraphs that use specific facts, details, and examples to support your thesis. (Use the MEAL plan) Research: Enough outside sources that sufficiently support your argument. Sources must be credible. Consider using the book that you read in this class or another reading from class. Sources are primarily incorporated via summarizing and paraphrasing. Avoid using more than one direct quotation that is no longer than two sentences. If more and/longer quotations are used, be prepared to argue why your use of them is necessary.
Point of view: Essay should prefer the third-person point of view. First and second person are included only if they further your argument more than third person. Organization: An organization strategy that is appropriate for an argument essay and uses appropriate transitions. A counterargument and rebuttal: A counterargument and rebuttal that addresses the opposing viewpoints to your argument and disproves and/or argues against the opposing viewpoints. Introduction and conclusion: Introduction includes an effective hook, background and thesis. Conclusion uses an effective strategy to wrap the essay up and provide the so-what of the essay. MLA formatting: Essay adheres to MLA guidelines, including a works cited page and in-text citations/attributions.


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6Overview In this essay


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