A biography of the person.

A biography of the person..

a biography of the person. The length is to be 600+ words, and the biography should include:
1) the details of the person’s life- birth and death date (if deceased), educational and vocational background
2) a description of the most significant contributions of this person to physical science
3) a listing of significant prizes or awards and recognitions received by this person (e.g. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1953)
4) your conclusion and summary of the person’s accomplishments- try to state how your (or society’s) everyday life was enhanced or improved by this person’s contributions.
Please use references (at least four), using the format:
“…derived the gas laws bearing his name (1)..” with a footnote corresponding to the number as follows:
1) History of Chemistry, Barnes and Noble drafters, New York City, 2005 (page or pages 17-20) BOOK REFERENCE
1) Journal of Thermodynamics, Vol 35, Number 6, pages 12-15 (1954) JOURNAL REFERENCE
1) URL (Web reference)
Please put the references on a separate page at the end, using Arabic (not Roman) numbers- e.g. 1),2), 3) and not I), II), and III).

A biography of the person.


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