A health and social care organisation description

A health and social care organisation description.



As an introduction, provide a brief description of a health and social care organisation that you currently work in or have worked in before. Please ensure you name the organisation as this would be used for task 2

Next, using paragraphs go on to explain how you are able to:

Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels within the organisation
Identify effective time management strategies that can be used within the orgnisation
Explain various team roles that you and your colleagues may have played as a team in your organisation and suggest how teams can work together to achieve shared goals
Analyse the process and team dynamics within your organisation
Based on your analysis of teams in tasks, suggest and discuss alternative ways to complete a task as a team and achieve the goals within your organisation
To achieve M2, you need to show that relevant theories and techniques have been applied to the importance of team working.
To achieve D2, you will need to justify how the importance of interdependence has been recognized and achieved to explain the roles people play in team and how they can work together to achieve shared goals.




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A health and social care organisation description


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