A presentation objective

A presentation objective.




Scenario: College Recruiting for XYZ Corporation — Your manager invited you to go on a recruiting trip to several local colleges and universities. Each of these academic institutions has one day a year designated as “Career Day,” when businesses can come to the campus and talk with juniors and seniors about career options. Each campus also set an agenda for participating organizations so that no one organization will have a competitive advantage over another. For the campuses you will be visiting, speakers will make one 15-minute presentation about their business and will then be available to the students at booths set up in the school cafeteria.

Your Task: Drawing on your knowledge of a business organization, (using one with which you are familiar), think about what might attract recent college graduates to work for that firm. Develop an opening that will create a bridge between your firm and the students. Then, consider the two or three key ideas that you’d like to discuss about this firm during the presentation.

Write Your Report:

For the Scenario, write a presentation objective, that will link the audience’s interests with your company. Your objective should be results-oriented and audience focused, as well as, specific, measurable, and attainable. This can be in paragraph format with a numbered or bulleted list of items.

After you have your objective written, now think about how to accomplish this in a 15 minute presentation! How will you make your message memorable? Describe and/or give examples of how you would hook the audience’s attention, structure the presentation to be engaging, and improve audience recall. How will you relate to the audience and establish your credibility?


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A presentation objective


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