Accounting project

Accounting project.

This project is split into four (4) parts with one (1) part due each week of the course.
Parts 1, 2 and 3 will utilize Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Part 4 is your Voice-Over PowerPoint to be
submitted in the Week 4 Presentation Discussion Board.
Part 1: The Board of Directors has asked you to explain the method used to handle uncollectible Accounts
Receivables. They know that you use the Allowance Method but are not familiar with the difference between
the Direct Method versus the Allowance Method. Using the textbook as a source, explain each type of method
and why ABC Company has selected the Allowance Method. Download the memo template provided below to
respond. Keep in mind the intended audience of the memo.
Part 2: The Board of Directors has moved further into reviewing the liabilities of ABC Company. They wish to
learn more about the payroll requirements of ABC Company. Using the spreadsheet below, complete the
workbook for one payroll cycle.
ACG2011 ABC Company Payroll Liabilities.xls
Part 3: In a continuation of their efforts to explore the financial condition of ABC Company, the Board of
Directors has now started to explore the various investment strategies of the company. They would like to
understand more about the differences between debt versus equity investments. They also wish to learn more
about the various types of investments reported on the Balance Sheet. Using your text and outside sources,
explain the following: (1) debt versus equity securities; (2) various types of investments such as those listed in
Exhibit 15-2; and (3) how to account for these investments (refer to Exhibit 15-8 as a guide). Keeping in mind
the intended audience of the memo use Excel or Word to embed charts, tables, etc as you deem appropriate.
Part 4: Throughout the project, you have been asked a number of questions relating to the Balance Sheet of
ABC Company. Using the Balance Sheet found below, perform a horizontal analysis. Once complete, use your
new version of the Balance Sheet to present and discuss the Balance Sheet of ABC Company using voiceover PowerPoint.
Based on the inferences you make from your horizontal analysis, discuss any improvements and/or changes
that may have occurred since the prior year. Consider addressing the items that the Board of Directors
requested information on throughout the project: (1) Accounts Receivables and the process for uncollectible
accounts; (2) Payroll Liabilities as well as other Current or Long-Term liabilities; and (3) the types of
investments held by ABC Company. Keep in mind the intended audience of your presentation.
ABC Company Balance Sheet.xls

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Accounting project


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