After reading Ch 1 from the textbook, please reflect on the questions.

After reading Ch 1 from the textbook, please reflect on the questions..

After reading Ch 1 from the textbook, please reflect on the questions. Please indicate points you agree and/or disagree with in a constructive manner, and make sure you expand the conversation based on his/her points.
Q 1. HCOs are strongly oriented to healing the sick, one person at a time. Recently, more people argue that the real role of HCOs is improving population health, including but going well beyond healing the sick. Do you think an HCOs’ role should be “Building healthy communities, including patient care but going well beyond”? Preventive care is an important part of improving population health. But, preventive care seems to conflict with the financial incentives of an HCO. Almost 50% of all healthcare spending in the U.S. is on hospitals and their affiliated physician expenses. Preventive care might reduce demand for inpatient and outpatient care, which might hurt HCOs financially. What do you think?
Q 2. Baldrige Performance Excellence Model relies on continuous improvement which is based on evidence-based medicine and management. Continuous improvement is achieved by using evidence-based medicine, and evidence-based management. Identifying benchmarks, measuring performance, and determining opportunities for improvement comparing performance results to benchmarks is essential in this process. So, continuous improvement described under Baldrige framework heavily depends on numbers and constant measurement like the school of management inspired by the idea, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. What do you think about this method of continuous improvement? Do we miss the quality while quantifying performance? Can we fully quantify the performance or quality?  How about the time and energy spent on quality measurement. Can this create inefficiencies? If you think quantifying and measuring performance is inefficient what is your alternative? If you think Baldrige framework is the best alternative, explain why.
Please properly cite any resources you use.

After reading Ch 1 from the textbook, please reflect on the questions.


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