Analyse models designed to identify and support staff develop self-awareness, resilience, selfwell-being and management in their role

Analyse models designed to identify and support staff develop self-awareness, resilience, selfwell-being and management in their role.

MHN 2801 Summative Case Study Scenario. Green Stream (2020-2021) Read below case study and choose one of the following questions to discuss professional issues relevant to the scenario. You are expected to comprehensively discuss professional aspects of nursing practice and draw to conclusions covering all learning outcomes of the module. CASE STUDY: ‘’Martin is a registered mental health nurse and has been working in an acute mental health ward in an inner London NHS Trust since he qualified 12 months ago. He works regularly with Evelin, a Junior Mental Health Nurse who qualified a year before Martin and considers her his friend. A month ago, Martin noticed that Evelin had begun to treat everyone in an off-hand way. Martin did not mind for himself but began to worry about the effect on the service users on the ward. Martin heard Evelin shout at some of the service users on the ward and one day he found out that Evelin has been giving unprescribed Lorazepam 1mg tablets to an agitated and confused elder female service user who was recently admitted to the ward for an assessment for memory problems and confusion. When asked, Evelin responded that the psychiatrist would prescribe it soon anyway and that she was just giving everyone a bit of peace on the ward. A few nights later the service user woke up at 2 am in a state of confusion, asking where she was and was talking loudly. Martin saw Evelin pushing her aggressively back to her bed, followed by a loud scream and immediate crying coming from the patient’s area. Martin went to investigate and asked if everything was OK and saw the service user was on the floor. He assisted the service user to bed and said to Evelin that they should report the fall and call the duty doctor to come and review the service user but Evelin said no, the service user is fine and there is no need to call the doctor. However, Evelin 2 agreed with Martin to complete the patient’s incident form together later when the ward was less busy. The ward was very busy that night and they both forgot to complete the service user’s incident form and did not document the fall in the patient’s medical notes. The following day one of the doctors that Martin knew from the MDT meeting was visiting the ward and Martin mentioned to him that he was worried that a colleague was being aggressive with service users. The doctor advised Martin to report the observations to the hospital managers and highlighted that confidential advice is also available from his trade union. At first, Martin was unsure whether he could talk to his line manager or the hospital managers, who were friendly with Evelin, and was worried about what would happen if his concerns were seen as unfounded and if other colleagues took sides with Evelin and stood against him. He liked working there and hoped to stay on the ward for a couple of years. After much contemplation, Martin reported his observations of Evelin’s conduct to the hospital managers’’. Essay questions for MHN2801 Green Please choose one of the two questions below and answer Question 1: Consider the current NMC Code, relevant legislation, policies, guidelines, ethical principles. Identify, discuss, and analyse the appropriateness of behaviours of the nurses involved in the scenario. or Question 2: What professional approach would you take in a similar situation if you were the recently qualified staff nurse? Discuss appropriate professional behaviour, supported by the NMC code, key ethical principles, legislation, policies, and guidelines relevant to professional nursing practice
Module Learning Outcomes On completion of this module, the successful student will be able to: 1. Integrate nursing professional values, responsibilities and accountability during clinical decision making with colleagues and to support individuals’ autonomy and dignity. 2. Analyse safe culturally congruent care in relation to moral, ethical, legal, policies and professional standards using current evidence in Mental Health nursing practice. 3. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to support/lead others confidently and articulate nursing issues within the MDT and the public. 4. Analyse how existing health and social policies influence resources that impact the delivery of patient care to users of Mental Health services 5. Compare and contrast how legal frameworks, local and national policies identify vulnerable patients within health and social care environments to prevent risks of harm to safeguard them. 6. Analyse models designed to identify and support staff develop self-awareness, resilience, selfwell-being and management in their role

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Analyse models designed to identify and support staff develop self-awareness, resilience, selfwell-being and management in their role


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