arguing about the topic of education/school funding in Australia

arguing about the topic of education/school funding in Australia.

The requirements:
Due: 20/05/2021
Subject: 36200, word count: 1300 words
Referencing: APA
Basically, I have provided you with 3 links of newspaper articles that must be used in this assessment. They are arguing about the topic of education/school funding in Australia
(the educational funding should be affordable/increased to schools to help in growing the educational field performance)
Some of them are with the education funding whereas some of them are against. So you have to find who’s with and who is against from these links that I have mentioned below. Here is basically what I have found but you need to research for them in the articles and what are they thoughts about the topic.
This could help:
You can change them regarding your searching in the articles:
For Against
Tina King, president of the Australian Principals Federation Alan Tudge, Federal Education Minister
Scott Morrison Adrian Piccoli. UNSW Gonski Institute,
Public school students
& teachers Funding Agency
The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with an opportunity to apply your quantitative literacy skills to a topical issue, and to reflect on the way in which you draw on evidence to form your opinions.
1. Identifies, summarizes, analyses and critiques the key arguments and quantitative evidence from the perspectives of the various stakeholders, drawing on a range of sources.
2. Identifies a personal position on the issue, and give a rationale for it including the independent arguments and quantitative evidence that inform it.
3. Evaluates their personal position, explaining the evidence that would produce a change in their point of view.
4. Has told a story about the issue that is engaging and coherent, and appropriate for the designated audience. NOTE THAT THE AUDIENCE IS IDENTIFIED AS “NON SPECIALIST”.
5. Reflects appropriately on the peer feedback received by email from tutors about oral presentations. To access these marks, the student must have made a presentation to peers in class, online by Teams, on 19th October or another agreed date or method. Tutors will email the feedback to students after the presentations. ( I will do this one ).
6. Consult a range of sources, and use APA referencing style for in-text citations and reference list. See UTS Library site for guidance on referencing. See Quick Guide (Links to an external site.).
Links of the articles that must be used in this assessment:
you can use another newspaper articles but it must be latest 6 months only and in Australia only.
This is a basic result that I have found, it may help you:
So, the first article is written by Adam Carey which is titled as
“Minister says quality teaching, not more school funding key to better results”
This article disagrees with the idea of increasing the funding will lead to increase the students’ performance. However, there are some agreements as well.
Alan Tudge who is the Federal Education Minister has rejected the link between increased school funding and better student performance and the fact that back up his argument is looking to UK and how they cut on the funds of education by 9% but UK students results are still high. Alan mentioned that UK was in a similar position more than 10 years ago but has since jumped ahead of Australia in all domains. This photo is illustrating the Australia’s declining performance in OECD international student assessment program.
He mentioned that there is a decline in our school standards, despite the increase in our school funding, this has been my central strategic concern when it comes to school’s policy,”
On the other hand,
Scott Morrison who is the prime minister illustrates that he is supporting the educational funding and he is against the idea of cutting down on findings. As he said: we need to win the funding war to save the majority of Australian students.
Similar to Scott Morrison,
Tina King who is president of the Australian Principals Federation said that increased funding and better teacher training were connected. Schools need funding to release experienced teachers from the classroom and give graduate teachers mentoring and support
Another fact that she mentioned was
If you compare it to training doctors, they learn by doing and having someone work alongside them; they’re not just thrown into the operating room after passing their degree to go in and operate. They observe, they have mentors … we don’t have that for our graduate teachers
will briefly go through the second article which is: Education funding is unfair — and public schools asking parents to chip in makes it worse, and this is written by Anna Hogan.
Regarding the comparison of private and public schools’ funding in Australia:
Anna mentioned that the private schools were overfunded comparing to public school which is underfunded. And when the government fails to reach the suitable funding for the public schools, this led the poor students who have other daily requirements to pay to fail. Anna stated that the percentage for failures in western Australia public schools in 2019 were 22%.
On the other hand:
the head of UNSW Gonski Institute, Adrian Piccoli suggested that
Government should fully fund primary/private schools and suggests that it should no longer collecting fees from parents and agreeing to abide by the same enrolment and accountability rules as public schools. So generally, he needs both public and private funding to be fare.

arguing about the topic of education/school funding in Australia


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