Article Analysis

Article Analysis.


Explain that this paper is a summary of the assigned article
Explain that the impact of the article contents on your own future practice will be presented
Length of Introduction must be 50-75 words
Assigned Article Summary
Clearly summarize the major content of the assigned article. This should be an improved version of your Week
4 submission.
One or two short quotations with citations (must include the assigned sentence for quotation)
Several paraphrased areas with citations (must include the assigned sentence for paraphrasing)
Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice
Clearly state how learning from the assigned article will impact your future practice
Must be your own ideas about the impact of the article on your future nursing practice
Use first person in this section
No citations are needed in this section
Length must be 125-150 words
Write a concise summary of the main points of the paper
Provide a concluding statement
Length must be 75-100 words
Reference for the assigned article should be a revised version of the Week 4 reference improved based on
your instructor’s Week 4 feedback. Include the following:
Article title
Journal name
Volume number
Issue number
Page numbers
Double line spacing
Hanging indent
DOI if available
Assigned sentence for Quotation: Type the assigned quotation and citation here beginning on the line below:
The assigned quotation states “Contemporary leaders now understand that to manage oneself effectively, it is
important to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses” (O. Sherman, 2020, P. 68).
Assigned sentence for paraphrasing: Many time we experience difficult situations. These situations help shape
many aspects of our lives like our interactions socially and our general reaction to everyday things. Difficult
experiences can also contribute to our ability to recover from unpleasant situations (O. Sherman, 2020, p. 70).
I will also attach the paper template to be used to write the paper and the assigned article.








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Article Analysis


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