Articles for Review ECOS2002代写

Articles for Review ECOS2002代写.

Articles for Review ECOS2002代写 
Articles for Review

You are required to choose one of the following articles to write your 800-word review assignment. All these articles can be obtained electronically via the Fisher Library online catalogue with your login access. 

  1. Lane, K. and Rosewall, T. (2015) ‘Firm-level Capacity Utilisation and the Implications for Investment, Labour and Prices’, Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin (December Quarter), pp. 9–18.

Topic: Utilisation of Australia’s Productive Capacity and its Implications for Investment, Labour Employment and Inflation

  1. McLeay, M., Radia, A. and Thomas, R. (2014) ‘Money Creation in the Modern Economy’, Bank of England Quarterly Review, vol. 54 (1st Quarter), pp. 14–27.
Topic: The Determinants of the Stock (or ‘Supply’) of Money Under Contemporary Conditions

  1. Bibow, J. (2013)  ‘On the Franco-German Euro Contradiction and the Ultimate Euro Battleground’ , Contributions to Political Economy32, 127-149

Topic: The French-German Relationship and Underlying Problems of the Eurozone

  1. Langcake, S. (2016) ‘Conditions in the Manufacturing Sector’, Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin (June Quarter), pp. 27–33.

Topic: State of Australia’s manufacturing industry

You should choose to write your review on one of the above four articles which you think you best understand and/or relates to the topic you are most interested in. In your review you are expected to summarize and appraise the article. You need therefore to focus on showing your understanding of the content of the article and the author’s argument. You are encouraged to research more widely and use other references to understand the topic to better assess the article. To get an idea of how to write a review you should look at book reviews published by journals.[1]

[1] For an example, I can refer you to a book review I, the lecturer,has published in a journal (though not exactly the same as an article review): 
Smith, M. (2012) Review of The Coming of Age of Information Technologies and the Path of Transformational Growth (Author: DavideGualerzi), in Review of Political Economy, vol. 24: 4, pp. 663-5.

Articles for Review ECOS2002代写 

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Articles for Review ECOS2002代写


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