Assessment 3: Critical Research Paper – Individual

Assessment 3: Critical Research Paper – Individual.

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Assessment 3: Critical Research Paper – Individual
This assessment is a major research report undertaken on an individual basis. Your chosen research area for Assessment 2 remains the same for this assignment, Assessment 3.The paper should be no more than around 2,800 words excluding references and appendix
Value: 50% of the unit.
Format: Written research paper
Due date & time: 5:00pm Friday 28 May 2021
How to submit: Turnitin via Blackboard
Unit learning outcomes: • Understand and analyse current issues affecting hospitality and tourism industry
• Critically evaluate a range of contemporary ideas, practices and priorities for hospitality professionals
• Evaluate and apply research into identified current issues in hospitality
• Make a research-informed assessment of the likely future direction of one key aspect of the hospitality industry
• Plan and execute a substantial research-based project relating to current issues in the hospitality industry
PREPARATION Refer to the one for Assessment 2.
For this assessment along with Assessment 2 (see above), you are required to choose a country (or a region) as a case study showing a significant challenge to the national or regional tourism and hospitality sector. The research should identify key issues and aspects, and critically discuss these as well as suggest current or potential innovative and creative solutions and broader implictions considering the ethical and social consequences. The significant challenge has to be one of the topic areas we have covered in this unit, for example ‘climate change’, ‘risk of food supply and food (in)security’, ‘political instability and terrorism’, and ‘technological change and its impacts’.
Your individual research paper should include:
(1) a background information of your chosen country or region as well as your case study;
(2) an introduction to the importance of its tourism and hospitality economy;
(3) relevant maps and images;
(4) a comprehensive breakdown of a significant challenge to the tourism and hospitality sector or economy;
(5) a critical discussion of the innovative and creative solutions or potential solutions to the identified issues;
(6) a comprehensive set of practical implications in a broader context of the international hospitality and/or tourism industry considering ethical and social issues and consequences from diverse stakeholders perspectives; and
(6) a concise conclusion.
You are not permitted to research a significant challenge in Australia. Choose an international case study instead. It could be a case study of your country of origin as long as there is enough evidence and supporting material. Please incorporate the feedback of your fellow students and the lecturer into your final research paper. Your incorporation can be summarised in one paragraph maximum in your conclusion.
I will attach the unit plan and the assessment 2 Presentation slide with the speaker notes.

Assessment 3: Critical Research Paper – Individual


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