Assessment and feedback

Assessment and feedback.

Part 1: Assessment

In the previous field experience, you designed and implemented a   lesson that provided additional learning support to the selected group   of students. In the final part of the assessment process, you will   conduct a summative assessment for the same group of students.

Your summative assessment should be designed to determine mastery of   identified standards. Prior to completing the assessment, review the   pre-assessment to ensure appropriate concepts are measured in the   final assessment. Once your summative assessment is complete, ask your   mentor teacher to review it for approval.

Administer the assessment to the group of students. You may provide   multiple assessment methods (oral, written, technology driven, etc.),   and differentiate assessment based on the needs of the students.

Part 2: Provide Feedback 

Individually review each student’s assessment results with him   or her. During each conference, ask the following questions to engage   the student:

  • How do you feel about the lesson?  
  • What was     most difficult?
  • What was easy?

During this time, provide effective, descriptive feedback that   starts with a positive strength of each student and ends with   identifying instructional goals for the student to continue working   on.  

Part 3: Reflection 

Submit a 250-500 word reflection of your experience creating a   summative assessment, implementing it, and providing feedback. Did the   data you collected in the pre-assessment help you prepare an   applicable summative assessment? What challenges did you run into   during the summative assessment and how did you deal with them?   Explain how you will use this process in your future professional practice.

Submit a description or copy of your assessment, along with a   250-500 word reflection on giving instructional feedback to the   students, as one deliverable.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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Assessment and feedback


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