Avoiding plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism.

COIT 20252 BPM

ePortfolio Assessment Details Term 2, 2020

Due date: Electronic submission via Mahara by 1pm Friday of the following weeks:Week 4 – ePortfolio 1:Business Process StrategyWeek 7 – ePortfolio 2: Business Process ManagementWeek 10 – ePortfolio 3: Business Process Improvement Methodologies ASSESSMENT1
Weighting: 30% (10 marks each)
Length: A portfolio with 1 page for each of the 3 different topics as listed above i.e. one page for each topic. Each page contains 500 words (± 10%) for each week (not including references and citations)

Assessment task

You are required to develop an ePortfoliothat captures rich ideas, resources and innovative practices in Business Process Management around the context of the specified topics. Topics include: Business Process Strategy; Business Process Management; and Business Process Improvement Methodologies.

To develop and write a well-informed ePortfolio, you should conduct an Internet research on the specified ePortfolio topics. The Internet search should focus on items related to each ePortfolio topic i.e. the items should berelevant to the topics. The items you may include in the portfolio could be YouTube videos, scholarly articles, interesting readings, clips from lectures and/or tutorials, relevant websites and your own work that you produce in the tutorials. You should select 5 items for each specified topic to include in the relevant portfolio page. To ensure relevance, you should review the items you find around the specified topics and then write a justification. To start, you need to create a portfolio with 3 pages (i.e. 1 page for each of the topic as listed above) on Mahara. Each page should contain 5 items with a justification for each item.

Each justification should be written in two paragraphs. In paragraph one, provide a brief summary of the chosen item. In paragraph two, describe why you chose the item i.e. why you thought the item chosen was appropriate and relevant to the topic. Your justification for each item should be around 100 words (100 words for each item * 5 items = 500 words on each page).

Do not upload files obtained from the Internet to your Mahara ePortfolio webpage as you do not own the copyrights. If you upload files without permission, this will be treated as plagiarism. You should provide hyperlinks to the files/webpages you refer to in your discussion.

In this assessment, Harvard referencing format is to be used to develop your citations that substantiate your justifications. Refer tothis guide for help with Harvard referencing.


You will use Mahara (CQU Portfolio) to gather and present each weekly portfolio.

The weekly portfolio is to be submitted by creating a Secret URL in Mahara and pasting the URL into Moodle for marking and feedback.

Details about how to create the Secret URL are on the COIT 20252 Moodle unit website.

Note: Mahara has not been fully integrated with Moodle, and therefore the markers will use Moodle to send you feedback on the marking. You might want to consider gathering items into your portfolio that you can use in future. You can store items in your portfolio that are not shared with anyone or share a particular view with a specific group. In this way, you can build up many different views for many different purposes. It is a common practice for people to build a portfolio to share with prospective employers, which is one use of your portfolio. So, please remain objective in your evaluation of items you collect.

As Mahara is only available to you while studying at CQUni, you can export your portfolio when you have finished your studies or transfer it to one of many free portfolios.

The use of any assignment writing services or getting someone else to do your work is contract cheating, which is considered academic dishonesty. Your submitted work will be checked for plagiarism (material copied from other students and/or material copied from other sources) using Turnitin®.

If you are found to have plagiarised or copied material without acknowledging the authors or engaged in any form of contract cheating or have uploaded files without permission,you will be penalised for plagiarism which could result in zero marks for the whole portfolio. In some circumstances of violations of academic integrity, a more severe penalty may be imposed as per University policy.

Useful information about referencing and avoiding plagiarism can be found at:

Avoiding plagiarism


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