Benchmark – ELA Unit Plan

Benchmark – ELA Unit Plan.


Special educators must be able to effectively plan for students at all ages and abilities, using data and
anecdotal information. An effective plan takes into consideration a student’s developmental level, age,
strengths, needs, learning preferences, culture, and interests. Interventions that are well planned for students
and are based on these factors are far more effective than interventions that narrowly focus only on the
student’s academic skill deficiencies.
In this assignment, practice developing ELA instruction that is appropriate for the students described in the
“Class Profile” by designing a comprehensive ELA unit plan using the “5-Day Unit Plan Template.”
Part 1: Unit Plan
Develop a 5-day unit plan that integrates vocabulary, reading, grammar, writing, listening and speaking, and
technology, for the “Class Profile” students, choosing either the resource or self-contained learning
environment. In a typical resource or self-contained learning environment the teacher would differentiate for
every student. For this assignment, choose three students for whom you will differentiate the instruction. Align
your unit to a 6-12 grade level ELA standard from the Arizona or another state academic content standards.
Design the unit plan to include:
National/State Learning Standards: Select standards that address reading, writing, speaking, and listening
integration skills.
Multiple Means of Representation: Select strategies that allow opportunities to develop oral and written
language for students with disabilities. Incorporate individual abilities, interests, learning environments, and
cultural and linguistic factors in the section.
Multiple Means of Engagement: Select strategies to enhance language development and communication skills.
Multiple Means of Expression: Use technically sound formal and informal assessment.
Extension Activity and/or Homework: Incorporate activities that include critical thinking and problem-solving.
In the Differentiation rows of the unit plan template focus on the three students you selected.
Part 2: Rationale
In 250-500 words rationale at the bottom of your unit plan, explain the following:
How literacy skills from your lesson plan will be helpful for students in other content areas.
How communication and language arts strategies prepare students and provide them strategies to be
successful academically and personally across multiple settings with a variety of collaborators (e.g.,
individuals, families, and teams).
Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources


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Benchmark – ELA Unit Plan


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