Big Data and how it’s changed the business landscape

Big Data and how it’s changed the business landscape.


Big data has evolved to change the way businesses compete by harvesting meaningful information and insights about it’s own customers as well as outside of the organization. Various tools and technologies are used to harvest Big Data and this can be a challenge, given the sheer volume of information available in today’s social media driven online platforms. With today’s growing technologies and exponentially growing number of devices connected to the internet, it has become easy for businesses to harness this wealth of information to utilize it for business growth. Analytics that process all this information is used to more efficient operations, more effective marketing strategies, projected growth and a competitive edge against competing businesses in the same market.
Research will be conducted on not only how Big Data is acquired, but how businesses can use this information to grow their businesses and how the use of Big Data has changed the business landscape since the inception of the internet and subsequently mainstream social media in making it that much easier to acquire Big Data.


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Big Data and how it’s changed the business landscape


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