BUSM4163 Business Consulting assignment task 代写

BUSM4163 Business Consulting assignment task 代写.

BUSM4163 Business Consulting assignment task 代写

Assessment Task 1 – Reflective Journal
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 How to start your reflective journal.docx (342.087 KB)
4 x journal entry articles demonstrating your understanding and challenging views on your readings, observations and the material and ideas presented and discussed in the first few weeks of the course. Each journal entry is expected to be posted within one week of the class, starting from class 2.
Weighting: 40% (10% per journal entry), Individual task, each journal entry to be minimum 250 words. 
Deadline: end of Week 6.
Please refer to
Journals will be marked according to how they meet the following criteria:
1. Describe what happened in the class or in your own experience related to business consulting during the week

2. Analyse and explain what the learning experience means
3. Evaluate the experience in terms of its success or challenges that arose
4. Relate the experience to you, your self-knowledge and what you will do with the learning
 ·         Assessment Task 2 Guide
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 Consulting_Assignment2Rubric_30Percent_GrpPres.pdf (244.391 KB)
Assessment Task 2:
Client challenge presentation 30%, Group task, Due in FINAL CLASS (week 12)
Your CLN (Collaborative Learning Network) team plays the role of a consultancy to deliver a range of options to address the challenge they present to you in a project brief. Task 2 and 3 are for the same challenge, with Task 2 being a presentation of options and recommendations and Task 3 being a formal report to support the presentation with greater details.

Challenge objective
Investigate the challenge presented from your client organisation and present a range of options they can adopt to address the issue or opportunity. Target three options with specific recommendations on how you suggest these be implemented (alternatives, in series or parallel). A general guide on approximate cost and ROI should accompany your presentation to assist decision-making (though these can be plausible estimates as accurate data may not be available within the semester timeframe).

Role play:
To make this learning experience as realistic as possible, your team are expected to play the role of a consultancy organisation to present your recommendations to your client.

 BUSM4163 Business Consulting assignment task 代写

Your consulting team will present your recommendations to the client representatives with the view excite them about opportunities they bring and engage them in dialogue about how to optimally implement them.  The maximum total time allocated is 25 minutes which includes questions. It is strongly recommended that you engage with the client early in the presentation. If you have not already taken questions/engaged in discussion by 15 minutes you will be stopped to do so as question time is an important part of influencing your client’s decision-making.

The 15 minute presentation should explain the value to be created and why your recommendations address the challenge. Quickly introduce your findings and explain how this series of recommendations fits the client business strategy (or extends it) in a way that adds value and enhances performance.  You should expect challenging questions from the client, which you will need to answer in a way that provides confidence in your recommendations.  You are managing the environment and the interactions from when you come the stage until you close off the meeting (for up to an additional 10 minutes). 

Marking rubric: (focused more on your ability to deliver with impact than the solutions themselves)
Opening impact (immediate engagement of client)         20%
Connectedness of story (flow of ideas, easy to follow)   20%
Solution fit (plausible options for challenge)                   20%
Presence (passion, credibility, confidence, control)        20%
Meeting management and conclusion (time & impact)    20%

Considerations for the presentation:
·         Refer back to the pitch structure to optimise impact and highlight value early
·         Focus on the recommendations (value you bring to the project)
·         The client already knows who they are, they do not need a long history of the organisation, focus on details are directly relevant to your recommendations
·         Clarify the order of the recommendations and synergies between them (if any)
·         All at once or some before others, time frames and ROI
·         Highlight the extent to which the presentation reflects an innovative solution

This is NOT “just an assignment”. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how well you can apply your MBA learning to make a genuine difference for a client.  We are looking forward to hearing your recommendations and seeing how you leverage your new capabilities to achieve desired outcomes for those who can benefit from good consultancy advice.
  BUSM4163 Business Consulting assignment task 代写

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BUSM4163 Business Consulting assignment task 代写


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