Capella learners

Capella learners.

Please answer the following essay questions in (250-750) words.
Responses not within these limits will not be considered. You may type directly in the box, or compose your answer in a word-processing program and paste into the field.
 Please do not use special characters such as bullets because the formatting may not transmit properly. The essay questions will be evaluated based on relevance of the content, clarity of purpose, and writing style.
 star that indicates required field All six honorees cared greatly about the success of Capella learners and most were heavily involved in bettering their communities and others.
Tell us a bit about yourself, what has shaped your educational path through your life experiences and professional journey.
1[ Minimum 250 to Maximum 750 words. This essay:
star that indicates required field Dr. Ford in particular fulfilled the desire of being heavily involved in bettering the community by helping others to help themselves. Describe how you plan to use your education to better your community or help others to help themselves, and how receiving this scholarship will support you in doing so?
 2[ Minimum 250 to Maximum 750 words. This essay:
star that indicates required field All of our honorees brought great personal and professional successes to their work environment. What would you consider one of your greatest professional successes and what was the impact that it made? How did your success demonstrate your ability to solve problems and develop solutions in order to benefit your organization?
3[ Minimum 250 to Maximum 750 words. This essay:
Certification: By submitting this application form, I certify that the information provided on this application, to the best of my knowledge, is true and correct. I further certify that I authorize Capella University to release the information in this application to the Capella Scholarship Committee and to review my academic transcripts. If I am selected as a recipient, I authorize Capella University to publicize any relevant scholarship and biographical information including photographs of me.


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Capella learners


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