Case Study代写:中国石油天然气案例研究

Case Study代写:中国石油天然气案例研究.

Case Study代写:中国石油天然气案例研究

资源的定义、使用和管理是企业日常工作的重要组成部分,尤其是资源型企业。他们重视资源管理,为生存、促进发展等根本利益服务(1)。Brian Becker和Barry Gerhart 1996)。一般而言,资源管理的目标是在长期发展和可持续发展的目标下,使资源的使用和消耗更加有效和有效,这就需要民间社会、政府和企业考虑到这一点。管理者的资源必须了解社会,他们的策略和行动的经济和环境的影响时,资源管理问题(Johannes Ullrich,Jan Wieseke和Rolf Van Dick,2005)。然而,实际的做法要复杂得多,理论上是由于各种外部干预力量。谈资源或管理人无法单独处理没有关系的理解能力和电源管理过程中发挥作用的力量,在某种程度上,是一种资源和主导力量或工具,有一个伟大的,如果不是最后说的资源管理问题(Donald Ludwig,Ray Hilborn,Carl Walters,1993)。本文以中国石油天然气总公司为例,分析和探讨了它在资源管理中的作用及其与资源管理的关系。 本文通过对中国石油天然气股份有限公司的案例研究,提出了对权力的关系理解是了解权力在资源管理系统中作用的根本所在,而权力是资源的定义、使用和管理的核心,是对其行使的抵抗力。在能源领域,无论对象是企业、政府和公民社会,就必须了解资源的有效利用和管理的重要性(Tania M. Schuslera,Daniel J,2003)。为了实现可持续性和长期使用目标,管理者和政府必须充分认识其行动的社会、市场、政治和环境影响和后果。他们必须把资源的有效利用放在第一位,这也是把权力引入资源管理的先决条件。当权力变得过于强大,超出了其在资源管理问题中的中心作用时,它必须受到限制,政府、企业和民间社会团体必须及时干预,并应对资源管理部门过度使用或干预权力的阻力。只有在权力与其他社会经济因素的平衡中,企业、政府和民间社会才能更有效地介入资源管理系统。永远记住,权力只是促进资源管理的一种手段。它能够或永远无法取代创造的市场力量来规范资源的管理和利用。资源管理者,包括政府、企业或公民社会,必须警惕不适当的权力行使,其目的是有效地使用和管理全人类最高利益的资源,而不是为权力本身使用权力。

Case Study代写:中国石油天然气案例研究

Definition, use and management of resources constitute a very important part of the daily operations of a corporation, particularly corporations that work in resources industry. They put great emphasis on the management of resources in order to serve their fundamental interests such as survival and promoting further development (1. Brian Becker and Barry Gerhart 1996). Generally speaking, the aim for the resource management is to make the use and consumption of resources more efficient and effective under the goal of long-term development and sustainability, which requires the both civil society, government and corporations to take this into account. Managers of resources must be well aware of the social, economic and environmental implications of their strategy and actions when managing resource issues ( Johannes Ullrich, Jan Wieseke and Rolf Van Dick, 2005). However, the real practice is much more complex that it is theoretically due to various outside intervention forces. Talking about resources or the management of them cannot be separately dealt with without a relational understanding of power and the role power plays in the managing process as power is, to some degree, is a kind of resources itself and the dominant force or tool that has a great, if not final, saying about the resource management issue (Donald Ludwig, Ray Hilborn, Carl Walters, 1993). This research essay aims to analyze and delve into the power and the role it plays in and the relation with the resource management through a case study of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).  This research paper, through the case study of CNPC, presents to us that a relational understanding of power is essential to attain a clearer understanding of the role of power in resource management systems.Power is central to the definition, use and management of resources-and so is resistance to its exercise. For a energy sector, whether the subjects are corporation, government and civil society, it is necessary to understand the importance of effective use and management of resources (Tania M. Schuslera, Daniel J, 2003). In order to achieve the sustainability and long-term use goal, managers as well as the government  must fully realize the social, market, political and environmental implications and consequences of their action. They must put the effective use of resources as their first priority, which is also a precondition for the introduction of power into the resource management. When the power becomes too powerful and goes beyond its central role in the issues of resource management, it must be constrained and the government, corporate and civil society groups must intervene in a timely manner and respond to the excessive use or intervention of power in the resource management sector by resistance. Only when a balance between the role of power and other social and economic factors is stroke in can the corporate, government and civil society intervene the resource management systems more effectively. Always keep in mind that power is just a means for facilitating the resource management. It can or will never be able to replace the market force that is created to regulate the management and utilization of resources. The managers of resources, including governments, corporate or civil society, must caution against the inappropriate exercise of power—their goal is to effectively use and manage the resources for the highest good of all mankind, rather than use power for power itself.

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Case Study代写:中国石油天然气案例研究


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