Case study analysis

Case study analysis.



It is Friday 10/04/2015. You are precepting a third year undergraduate nursing student (Jarrod Anthony) on clinical placement at Charles Darwin University Hospital, Paediatric Unit. In your patient load is Mitch Shannon, a 12 year old male admitted to hospital with rheumatic fever. Mitch is ordered 250mg of Abbocillin V 4/24. You and your student gave the 08:00 dose and there were no adverse effects. Mitch’s 12:00 dose is due. You are caught up with a parent of another patient until approx 12:15. As soon as you are free you go to seek out your student so that you can give Mitch’s 12:00 Abbocillin V. You hear the buzzer and look up to see it is Mitch’s room. When you arrive the students say “As you were caught up, I gave Mitch his Abbocillin V. A few minutes after he took the Abbocillin V he complained difficulty of breathing. I was just about to put some oxygen on”.

Complete the incident report in template provided as the worker (approx 300 words)..
Define workplace health and safety. Determine the legal framework of health and safety in the workplace. Identify risk management strategies for students on clinical placement. Outline the procedure for dealing with a notifiable incident involving a student on clinical placement. Apply the scenario above





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Case study analysis


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