Case study on Organizing Staff for Fundraising.

Case study on Organizing Staff for Fundraising..

HUS 540 CASE STUDY PART 2 Organizing Staff for Fundraising.  Maria has a long history of 10 years working with groups, communities, and developing programs for recreation centers. She can handle the responsibilities as a project coordinator, and her work responsibilities include liaising with different stakeholders who will support the fundraising program. As a trained social worker, she will be responsible for community mobilization, event planning, and identifying potential donors who can support the organization’s fundraising events. Her contribution will become an asset in setting up program deliverables and coming up with a team that will help run the fundraising activities. She will become the link between the organization’s management and the neighborhood community. In a team of others who may want to volunteer in the organization, she will spearhead different community mobilization and sensitization initiatives to ensure that the communities around understand and support the new establishment in meeting the aspirations. Jamal will be the head of the digital marketing strategy due to his unmatched skills and passion for computers. Despite playing an administrative assistant’s role, Jamal can focus on coordinating the organization’s marketing activities and supporting online fundraising activities. He will develop social media policies and programs in the organization. Jamal has already started creating social media accounts to help marketing organizations to the online community as the first contact platforms for soliciting donor support. Jamal also loves sports and can help the organization attract a team of sportsmen who will form a team to support organization activities. He is an asset in drawing subscriptions into membership of outfit committed to the organization’s goals. Jamal can be assigned additional marketing roles and networking with other community members to create a rapport HUS 540 CASE STUDY PART 23 that will draw more members to support the fundraising. He can train other children and youth on swimming lessons and golf to form teams for competitions within the recreational park. Jamal services will be vital in creating online platforms for mobilizing support and marketing the organization. He will also liaise with the marketing team on the ground to ensure they draw membership into sports clubs for youth’s teenagers and their parents as the first step of marketing the organization activities (Bray, 2019). Lakeisha will be in charge of children and youth programs in the organization. Her role will span, creating fun programs that will attract the children and youth’s membership in various sports and team-building activities. She will be instrumental in curriculum development for various training programs focusing on children and youth. She will work with the marketing team and Jamal to design a marketing theme and strategies to employ to attract interest from the community members. Her strength in leadership, team building, and collaboration will help the organization mobilize and market the organization programs. What is missing in the team is a team of volunteers to market the organization into the community and keep the public informed about its goals. The organization needs a team of social workers, marketers, and other support staff to help run the organization’s daily operations (Eisner, Maynard & Washburn, 2019). The organization’s activities need a team of qualified, dedicated, and experienced workforce to sell the organization to the donors, well-wishers, and community (Hoefer & Sliva, 2014). The team members may need to interact with the community at a personal level to ensure they sensitize them on the need to support HUS 540 CASE STUDY PART 24 the fundraiser and subscribe membership into the organization for sustainable funding. The only way to fill such labor force needs is through seeking volunteers willing to offer their services to the organization. References Bray, I. (2019). Effective fundraising for nonprofits: real world strategies that Work, 6th edition. Berkeley, CA: Nolo Law for All Publishing Eisner, D., Grimm Jr, R. T., Maynard, S., & Washburn, S. (2019). The new volunteer workforce. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 7(1), 32-37. Hoefer, R., & Sliva, S. M. (2014). Assessing and augmenting administration skills in nonprofits: An exploratory mixed methods study. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance, 38(3), 246-257.



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Case study on Organizing Staff for Fundraising.


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