Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing.

Assume you have been given the task of developing a spill response program for Acme
Chemical Manufacturing, Inc. The company uses chemicals in large containers to produce specialty chemical
blends for clients that they then ship in smaller containers. Using the existing chemical inventory list, you
confirm the following hazardous materials are present in the following locations:
Chemical Quantity (Container) Location
Acetone (100%) 10,000 gal. (AST) Building 2
Benzene (100%) 600 gal. (5 plastic totes) Storage Room A
Formaldehyde (100%) 1,000 gal. (AST) Storage Room A
Methanol (100%) 500 gal. (5 gal. bottles) Storage Room A
Sulfuric Acid (70%) 250 gal. (2 plastic totes) Storage Room B
AST=Aboveground storage tank
Building 2 is a 15’ X 15’ building with a concrete floor, CMU block walls, and no drainage that is located
adjacent to the main building. Acetone is transferred to the main building through piping. The room has a
portable ABC fire extinguisher on the wall.
Storage Room A is a 20’ X 20’ storage room inside the main building. The plastic totes and glass bottles are
stored on commercial racks on two separate walls inside the room. The aboveground storage tank (AST) is
located in a corner of the room. The room has a concrete floor with CMU block walls and no drainage. There is
a diked area around the AST that can hold up to 1,500 gallons of a liquid. The room has three portable ABC
fire extinguishers spread throughout the room.
Storage Room B is a 10’ X 10’ storage room in the main building. The room has a concrete floor and CMU
walls with no drain. There are no fire extinguishers in the room.
In your written spill response program, address the areas below.
Explain what additional information you would need to perform a risk assessment for the hazardous materials
used at the site. Where could you obtain the necessary information?
After obtaining the necessary information, perform a risk assessment for health on each of the hazards using
the risk assessment matrix in the unit lesson. Report the numerical score for each hazard.
Discuss which hazard you believe represents the greatest health risk to workers in the area.
Discuss which hazard you believe represents the greatest environmental hazard.
Develop a list of the equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) that you would recommend to be
procured and maintained for a spill response for each of the hazards.
Explain why you chose each of the pieces of equipment and PPE and where you would store the equipment
and PPE relative to the locations of the hazardous materials.
What level(s) of training do you think would be necessary for members of the spill response team if you were
planning to conduct spill response operations with in-house employees?

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Chemical Manufacturing


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