Childhood Education

Childhood Education.

a. Record a short video, in which you must demonstrate your response to Erica. Follow these instructions:i. Ask a friend to act as Erica in this scenario.ii. Set up a camera to record you and ‘Erica’ acting out the scenario.iii. Begin the video recording with ‘Erica’ telling you “My Dad hurt me”.iv. Respond to ‘Erica’ as if you were responding to an actual child at a childcare centre.a. Ask open and non-leading questions that would help you identify in what way Erica was hurt.v. Save the file as “CHC30113-Subject3-CaseStudy2.” Use a file format that is compatible to most computers, such as Submit the video file to your assessor as part of your assessment.vii. There is no minimum time limit, but your video must not be more than three (3) minutes in length.Note: If a video recording is not possible, an audio recording is also acceptable. If you opt for an audio recording, follow these additionalguidelines:viii. The tone of voice of in your response must be appropriate.ix. The dialogue must mention the environment or location where your conversation with Erica takes place.x. Use a file format that is compatible to most computers, such as .mp3.
b. As an assistant educator, is it appropriate for you to conduct your own investigation into the matter? Select either yes or no, then explain why you chose that answer.Guidance: Refer to the Sparkling Stars Procedure for Disclosures.Click here.(username: learner password: studyhard)
Yes No
c. Read the Sparkling Stars Procedure for Disclosures. Then, fill out the“Sparkling Stars Recording Form for Disclosures, Observations of Child Abuse and Actions” form. Click here to access the form.(username: learner password: studyhard) Guidance: Ensure your writing is non-judgmental.Your nominated supervisor is Jan Grant.Assume that the date Erica spoke to you is the date today. Submit this form along with this answered workbook.
d. In the spaces provided, write T if the statement about mandatory reporting is true and F if it is false.
T i. In New South Wales, an educator has the duty to report any sexual abuse if they suspect on reasonable grounds that a child has suffered such.
ii. In Victoria, any school staff must report that a child is suffering from physical abuse if they have reasonable grounds to do so.
T iii. Neglect is a form of abuse, and some states and territories require educators to report to their nominated supervisors if they suspect a child is being neglected.
iv. Exposure to family violence is not a form of abuse if the child is not being physically harmed.
v. Suspected abuse in any form must be reported immediately to the police.
vi. Early Childhood Education and Care centres will need to work closely with a diverse range of practitioners, across a broad array of professional disciplines.
vii. Early Childhood Education and Care centres will need to work as independently as possible, to make sure that information about their students are not disclosed.
viii. Consent about information regarding a child’s condition is not essential where it is likely to further jeopardise the child or young person’s safety, welfare, or wellbeing.
ix. In considering the most effective response that will ensure the child’s safety and wellbeing, you may need to gather information and facts. One way to do this is continued observation.
x. The perpetrator of abuse must be confronted immediately.
e. Identify the steps you must take when there is suspicion that a child is suffering from abuse. In the spaces provided, write the numbers 1 to 4 to identify the steps to making a child protection report.Steps that are not relevant to making a report must be left blank.
i. Assess the child’s circumstance and consult your findings with appropriate stakeholders.
ii. Regularly interview all students to find out if they are experiencing abuse or neglect.
iii. Identify if there is concerns of possible child abuse and neglect.
iv. The supervisor must call the police immediately once they have been informed of suspected child abuse.
v. Further assessments may be made by Early Childhood Education and Care workers after your supervisor has notified them of the case of abuse.
vi. Notify your supervisor immediately so they can notify the relevant Child Protection authorities in your state.
f. Fill out the “Early Childhood Education and Care Reporting Form for Child Abuse”. Ensure the name and address of the relevant agency is correct for your state/territory. Click here to access the form.(username: learner password: studyhard) Guidance: Ensure your writing is non-judgmental.Compute Erica’s birth year so that she is presently 10 years old. Submit this form along with this answered workbook.
g. In the spaces provided, write T if the statement about privacy, confidentiality, or disclosure is true and F if it is false.
i. It is essential that all of your dealing and interactions regarding the suspected child abuse is treated as confidential.
ii. Unless anything is proven or there is clear physical evidence, a disclosure from a child cannot be held with importance.
iii. It is lawful for two authorised bodies or agencies to exchange confidential information with each other.
iv. Should two authorised agencies exchange information concerning sensitive matters with each other, a written record of the information must be produced.
v. Children have no right to privacy until they are the age of 12.
vi. Standard forms are an acceptable method of communicating abuse information to relevant agencies.
vii. A child needs to fill up a form first before their concerns can be processed.
viii. One can uphold a child’s need for privacy by talking to them about sensitive matters in a private place, such as a closed office where others cannot hear the conversation.

Childhood Education


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