Chinas coming current account deficit

Chinas coming current account deficit.


Read the article from the link below. (Links to an external site.)

After reading the article make a summary of no more than 500 words. To do an effective summary, you must make a choice on what information you include and which you leave out, so that you don’t exceed the word limit.

Begin by stating what is the main hypothesis/claim of the article and discuss the facts and arguments presented to support the main hypothesis.

Then discuss your own thoughts on the perspective for the future of China’s current account balance. What policy would you recommend? Give a brief justification for your recommendation (please try to use mostly economic arguments, use references!).

Tips for writing a Summary
Start by looking at the text overall structure.
Read the introduction for the main claim and the conclusion to see what was the article’s contribution to understanding the main claim or hypothesis.
Find points supporting the main claim. The first sentence is typically enough to get the general meaning of a paragraph.

An effective summary:
Conveys the basic point of the text in a short and easy to understand format.
Only includes content from the original text
Does not include quotes or citations
Does not include your opinion.

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Chinas coming current account deficit


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