Choose a case study to analyse and determine the requirements for the example enterprise business needs.

Choose a case study to analyse and determine the requirements for the example enterprise business needs..

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Of course, using the text example diagrams is a good starting point/template and it is expected and encouraged that the text examples are utilized for inspiration and verification, but be specific in the positioning, labelling and naming of components accordingly to suit the business case details as provided. Instructions: The marking criteria (above with additional detail for each section) will be available with the “Assessment 3, Group Project specification document- along with the Business Use Case “Cloud Strategy- specification.
1. Choose a case study to analyse and determine the requirements for the example enterprise business needs.
2. Organize group member task allocations.
3. Get started on creating an initial model (diagram) showing an overview of the case. The diagram can be improved after feedback from your tutor. Use diagrams from the text as a starting point for each section then custom build your own to fit the case. Visio is the simplest tool to use and will be used extensively throughout the tutorials.
4. Create additional models (diagrams) to support each relevant section.
5. Complete the sections to provide definitions and details relevant to the case.
6. A professionally formatted report is expected.
7. Review each group members’ progress (adjustments may be needed). Keep a log of member tasks and submitting this as a spreadsheet has marks available (item i).
8. One report per group should be submitted.
9. No limitation applies to the size of this report, but keep in mind it is for executive and senior management staff level. At least 15 to 20 pages are expected, but providing more will not be penalized if the information is relevant.
10. Research is encouraged and rewarded – only if it is clearly identified. Do not simply copy generic information without having appropriate referencing and be sure the information has been written to apply specifically to this Project.
11. Poor referencing and lack of information source acknowledgement will be penalized. Be sure to refer to section 3.3 Plagiarism and Referencing. Harvard referencing is expected. Marks will be deducted for poor referencing.
Each group will provide a group work report on how the group has worked together to produce the group report. It should not contain the main deliverables of the main group report. Each group will document how members discuss and agree the division of responsibilities and describes how individual efforts capitalized on the strengths of each group member. It will be used as evidence of individual contributions in the group. It is therefore in each member’s interest to ensure that their contribution to the final report is complete. Each group is expected to have at least three group meetings for the group assignment. The minutes of group meetings should be documented and attached as an appendix of this group work report, clearly indicating who was present, issues and actions, agreed timelines, and the like. The group work report must indicate that a fair and reasonable distribution of work amongst group members was achieved. Periodic information such as emails or diary entries must be inserted into the correct section in chronological order.
If the submitted group work report suggests that not all contributions were of equivalent standard and effort, differential marks will be awarded to individuals within the same group. It must also document what individual group members understood as their allocated tasks, that individual group members submitted allocated work of acceptable standard and quality by the date that was agreed upon.
Submission requirements details: All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date. References should be cited in the report and should be listed appropriately using Harvard Anglia referencing style.
ICT 373 CLOUD COMPUTING T121 24/03/2021 16:14 PAGE 11 OF 16
Approved by KOI Academic Board for Ti 2021
Assessment topic: Developing a Cloud Model for an Organization
Task Details: An initial transition to the cloud “Business Use Case” (BUC) report will be required (at least 12 to 20 pages of detail is expected). This is an executive level report with enough detail and explanation (with diagrams) of concepts that management and front-line staff will understand. The cloud strategy specification is to be completed by each project group and added to the BUC template provided.
Submission requirements details: Sections expected to be completed and added to the report include:
Sections Marks
Cloud Implementation Overview Model 5
Additional Details on the cloud concept of operations 2
Service Model(s) 2
Deployment Model(s) 2
Cloud Computing Essential Characteristics 2
Security 3
Concerns, Challenges and additional information 2
Report Quality, group members task log and additional diagrams 2
Group Activity Report 5
Presentation 5

Total 30
A. Cloud Implementation Overview Model (diagram) – Due week 6
B. Proposed Cloud Computing Concept of Operations (from the business case provided -any additional details added by the group is optional)
C. Service Model(s)
D. Deployment Model(s)
E. Cloud Computing Essential Characteristics
F. Security
G. Concerns, Challenges, Additional resources for information (relevant to the case)
H. Report quality, group member tasks log, and any additional diagrams (with Visio file) supporting each relevant section
I. Team participation for each team member based on Group Activity Report.
J. Presentation.
Customized diagrams to suit the case are expected for items a, b, c, d, e, f, g.
Note on Diagrams: Although copies of generic diagrams from the text may explain a concept well and indeed be relevant to this project case, please be aware if the diagrams you submit are copied directly from the text resources and remain unchanged, these will not be allocated the same level of marks as diagrams that have clearly been custom designed and developed by group members.

Choose a case study to analyse and determine the requirements for the example enterprise business needs.


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