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Be sure that you are using proper APA format and that you have at least one Peer-Reviewed Article in your research. Below are two videos to add some additional insight into the subject matter. Please be sure you are doing your own research for this assignment. Be sure to use the videos as part of your reference of this assignment . Must include in-text citation. 

Choose one of the following questions for your discussion:

1) Should offenders who have had a history of victimization be treated differently by the legal system than individuals who have not had a history of victimization, and why? Which is more likely – victimization is more likely to come before offending or offending is more likely to come before victimization? Be sure to document your research.


2) What rights does the state that you reside in provide to crime victims? What rights do you believe to be the most important? Do you think it is the role of the criminal justice system to provide victims with rights? How else could we ensure that victims get the help they need? Be sure to document your research.

1st video Victims Rights Toolkit

2nd video :Compensation conundrum for abuse victims who go on to offend

CJ chat


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