Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines.

NURS 406 DF Instructions: Clinical Practice Guidelines BOOK NAME: Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses Topic Read chapter 15.3 (pages 414-416) of your textbook on Clinical Practice Guidelines. Format Do not use quotations in this discussion. Paraphrase your sources. Assignment: Review and perform a literature search on the topic of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs). o Define the concept of CPGs. o Explain how CPGs are developed. o Define uses of CPGs. Support with 2 scholarly peer reviewed journal articles. References must be PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS, LESS than 5 YEARS OLD, and from the UNITED STATES. (Your text book may be used as a source but does NOT count toward the 2 required references). Your discussion post should be no less than 250 words and no more than 300-words. References do not count in the word count but citations do. APA formatting applies and includes the following A) In text citations in APA format B) Reference list in APA format (include doi) Grading Criteria: Initial Discussion Post 1.Defines the concept of CPGs. 2. Explains uses of CPGs 3. Explains how CPGs are developed. 4. At least 2 scholarly articles are cited. APA Style Initial post 1. Follows APA format. (See the assignment instructions for details.) 2. Citations and references are correct according to the APA manual. 3. No spelling or grammar errors noted. 4. No quotations in the initial post.

Clinical Practice Guidelines


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