Community Health Education Theory

Community Health Education Theory.

Final Project: Part II
Create and upload a narrated 10 slide PowerPoint presentation targeted toward a potential funding source for
your public health campaign (JUVENILE DIABETES) and upload it using the link below. Refer to the Final
Project Guidelines in this week’s Required Resources for the PowerPoint presentation criteria.
Submit the Final Project: Part II
Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are
to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.
Final Project Guidelines
You will complete your final project in two parts.
PART I: Communication Plan (Submit in Week 10) (Part 1 will be provided for you)
• Using the Communication Plan Guidelines, located in the Week 1 Resources, submit a 10-12 page
descriptive narrative of your Communication Plan.
Hello writer, you will be working on Part 11 only
PART II: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation (Submit in Week 11)
1. Campaign Message: include any graphics or pictures (If you use graphics, you must consider whether they
are trademarked and whether you need to gain permissions to use them in your public health campaign.
Suggestion: use public domain graphic images or create your own). Examples for campaign message: video,
blog, poster, public service announcement, etc.
2. Text: Make sure your messages are free of bias and remain culturally relevant and truly reflect a public
health issue. Also, clearly define the benefit of changing individual behavior or attitudes towards the issue.
3. Make sure your message and presentation of the campaign are clear and concise.
4. Consider the health literacy levels of your target audience.
5. Direct your public health campaign toward a funding source and provide one slide justifying why your
campaign deserves funding.
6. Upload your PowerPoint presentation
The handouts in Weeks 8 and 11 contain detailed instructions on creating and uploading your narrated
Required Readings
Finset, A. (2011). Risk perception and risk communication. Patient Education and Counseling, 82(1), 1-2.
Copyright 2011 by ELSEVIER HEALTH SCIENCE JOURNALS. Reprinted by permission of ELSEVIER
HEALTH SCIENCE JOURNALS via the Copyright Clearance Center.
Willoughby, J.F., Myrick, J.G. (2016) Does context matter? Examining PRISM as a guiding framework for
context-specific health risk information seeking among young adults. Journal of Health Communications, 21(6),
MacLeod, A. (2014). The impact of communication on human behaviour in times of crisis. Journal of Business
Continuity & Emergency Planning, 8(2), 134–140.


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Community Health Education Theory


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