Company Sales Analysis

Company Sales Analysis.

Company Sales Analysis
Write a paper that addresses the following as well as provides smooth transitions.
1. Analyze the company’s financial sales and profit results over the last three reported years, comparing sales revenue and profits. Provide as much detail as possible (e.g., the three-year financial analysis by total revenue and profit as well as by product segment and geographic area (if available and applicable). Identify and discuss the trends and the causes for these trends. [The financial information can generally be found in the company’s annual report. The product and geography breakouts are usually found in the latter part of the financial section of the annual report.]
2. What products and/or services does the company sell? 3. How does the company segment or structure their product line? 4. What geographies does the company cover? 5. What markets does the company seem to be targeting? 6. How would you describe the company’s marketing strategy? 7. What can you tell about the company’s sales model and coverage model? (For example: Do they use a direct sales force, inside sales, business partners, etc.? If they use multiple sales channels, can you tell how they approach their markets by channel?) 8. What can you tell about the company’s growth strategy going forward? 9. Provide any other information you deem appropriate to include


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Company Sales Analysis


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