Comprehensive School Counseling Program

Comprehensive School Counseling Program.


You are asked to develop a thorough strategic plan/Comprehensive School Counseling Program that includes the Define, Manage, Deliver, and Assess Systems of a School Counseling Program. You may use data from a fictitious community and school system (see below) as a basis for your plan or find data from a school of your choice. You may combine the data from various sources if you wish to compile information for your fictitious school. Find a school on the web in which to base your fictitious program. You may create your school based on data, mission statements and data from other sources/schools, the data provided at the end of the syllabus, or from information you construct yourself. Change the name of the school for your paper. You will include Pennsylvania Career Education and Work Standards and other current state standards.
The format for this paper should follow the most recent Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for citations and references, however you may want to use single-spacing with paragraph/section headers to make reading easier for your audience. You do not need to include an abstract or running head but you will need to use citations for EVERYTHING that is not your own thought/construction. All information from ASCA should be cited. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and left alignment. Your paper should be no longer than 9 pages of text for each of the sections not including appendices or references. At least 2 professional references (not including your textbook) per paper/section within the past 5 years per section are required. Be sure to explain all appendices and reference in the text/content of your document. An appendix should always be cited and explained in the text.
You should construct this assignment as if it is a manual explaining your school counseling program that will be read by administrators, parents, school board members, etc. Provide context and background information as necessary so persons from outside of your counseling department will understand why this information exists. This should be written in a personable, informative and inviting manner. Do not include your personal opinions.

As soon as possible, familiarize yourself with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) website and the disaggregated data about school performance:
for each of the PA school districts. You should also review: Keystone Exam and PSSA Data (not disaggregated):
Choose a school—maybe one that you are interested in working for, have worked, or attended school. Carefully review the information provided—demographics, test scores, school Report Card, disaggregated data, etc. If you wish, you could also contact the school counselor at the school for any additional information. Again, you may compile information from various schools/sources to create a fictitious school since you will likely not find all of the information required from one school.

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Comprehensive School Counseling Program


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