Computers: understanding Human and Natural Language

Computers: understanding Human and Natural Language.

This paper focuses on: Can Computers Really Understand Human and Natural Language? Further, it compares the way a computer understands the two languages.

Computers: understanding Human and Natural Language

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Can Computers Understand Natural Language?

Processing natural language in computers has an entire field of study dedicated to it. This field, called Natural Language Processing (NLP), works to explore the interaction between human language and computers. Essentially, this is a method for computers to begin to analyze and understand human language. Even more impressive is the ability for computers to begin to understand actual meanings from human language in ways that could be construed as not only helpful, but intelligent.

Form of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Developers using NLP can start to structure and organize knowledge for computers to perform a wide range of tasks. This includes translation, recognition of names, speed recognition, topic segmentation, analysis of the sentiment of the words, and relationship extraction. Instead of merely looking at individual letters as symbols, through the ability of processing natural language, computers are able to take words and even phrases and actually make sense from them. They can take phrases to make sentences, and then use those sentences to create and convey ideas.

Moreover, developers are using the technology, which is based on machine learning algorithms, for a range of things today. Some of the different tasks that can be accomplished already include the ability to summarize blocks of text, creating chat bots, generating keyword tags, identifying the type of entity that has been extracted from text, and more.

Businesses begin to use AI and NLP

Some companies have started to utilize this type of technology in their business. They have created social media monitoring tools that can help them to capture all of the mentions of their brand name on sites like Twitter. They can then use a sentiment analysis algorithm that can give them a better idea of what people think of their brand. If they notice that there are issues with the overall sentiment toward their company based on the findings from these tools, they can then take action and remedy the situation.

In the coming years, it is quite likely that the power and capabilities of computers processing natural language will grow. It will be quite interesting to see what some of the new advancements will be and how they will work.



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Computers: understanding Human and Natural Language


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