Cost and Management Accounting

Cost and Management Accounting.

Analyze the discrepancies between their career vision and reality.
PART I. Expectations about your Experiential Learning Project (First Paper)
Before you begin working on the experiential project, type up a list of your expectations of this experience. As
you work on this list answer the following questions:
(1) What do you expect to learn about your career vision from this assignment?
(2) How do you feel about this assignment? (e.g., anxious, excited, overwhelmed, etc.)
(3) What do you expect to do on in any given day in the role you chose in your career vision? What might an
ideal workday look like? What will be your responsibilities? Who will you be working with? Are you providing a
service to a specific group? What qualities do you expect in the group you are providing service?
(4) Describe what you expect from the people that you will collaborate within this role. What qualities and skills
do you envision to be used by them?
(5) What do you expect to enjoy in this role as it relates to your chosen career field?
(6) What challenges do you expect to face in a role in your chosen career field?
Format of Paper: This paper is designed to reflect your thinking process and should be 1-2 pages in length,
typed, double-spaced, and in a 12-point Times New Roman (TNR) font with one-inch margins. In the upper
right-hand corner, type your first and last name, date, and course number. In the center add the following title:
Part I: Expectations about my Experiential Learning Project.


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Cost and Management Accounting


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