Critical Review Assignment MCOM104-17A 代写

Critical Review Assignment MCOM104-17A 代写.

Research Methodology Annotated bibliography 代写

 Assignment 1Research MethodologyAutumn 2017(50 marks, 30%)Aims:This is assignment aims to establish a basic familiarity with fundamental concepts of researchmethods including literature review, referencing, research design, data collection andqualitative design.Objectives:On completion of this assignment, you should be able to:• understand critical literature review,• understand the research design and• understand data collection and qualitative research.Specifications:This assignment consists of two parts. Complete all parts.Part A: Annotated bibliography and literature review (10 marks)Select five papers about Cloud Computing from IEEE Explorer, SpringerLink, Google Scholar,DBLP and/or ScienceDirect. Create an annotated bibliography for these papers, using latex andEndnote. It must contain the following contents:a. Citationb. Introductionc. Aim and research methodd. Scopee. Usefulnessf. Limitationsg. ConclusionsNote: since you will use these papers for Part B, you should select papers which aresuitable for your knowledge and discipline, i.e., it can be related to topics in informationsystems, information technology, or computer science.Part B: Critical literature review, qualitative design and qualitative analysisUsing the method of exploratory design, design your research on a topic about CloudComputing. Your design should consist of the following phases:a. Critical literature reviewb. Identifying a research problem,c. Survey, andd. Qualitative analysis.Critical literature review (10 marks): review these papers you selected in Part A and write areport to summarise them includinga. describe related work,b. describe the significance and contribution of each paper and compare them,c. describe the limitations, and  2 d. identify a research problem you want to address.Research proposal (10 marks): Your proposal should cover the following aspects:a. the background and research problem,b. the review of literature or theoretical framework of the study,c. objectives or aims,d. the methodology and procedure of the study,e. implications or significance of the problem,f. expected outcomes andg. bibliography.Survey – Questionaries (10 marks): With the research problem in mind, create questionariesto collect the information you want to use to derive the answer or solution to your researchproblem. Your questionaries should be written in two A4 papers and can consist of any numberof questions. Find ten people who can answer your questionaries and collect their answers.Keep in mind that you will adopt a coding method in your qualitative analysis, therefore, youshould embed proposed code words in your questionaries.Qualitative analysis (10 marks):You should the follow the following procedure for you qualitative analysis:a. Compiling,b. Disassembling (using a proper coding method),c. Reassembling (using multi-level coding to derive a conclusion),d. Interpreting ande. Concluding.SubmissionWeek 8: 27 April 2017CSIT440/940 students: hand in a hardcopy to the lecturer prior to the lecture in the classroom.CSIT990 students: hand in a hardcopy to your lecturer associate professor Jun Yan in thelecture.You need to submit the followinga. annotated biography of five selected papers,b. report of your literature review,c. research proposald. questionaries ande. research report on your qualitative analysis.(Bonus marks: if you can write it into a proper paper, you will receive 5 bonus marks)Late Submission: 25% deduction per day.PlagiarismA plagiarised assignment will receive a zero mark and be penalised according to the universityrules. Plagiarism detection software might be used for this assignment.Research Methodology Annotated bibliography 代写

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Critical Review Assignment MCOM104-17A 代写


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