Critical Team Development and Intervention Tips for Project

Critical Team Development and Intervention Tips for Project.


In her book The Making of a Manager, Julie Zhuo pointed out a team would come together when “a group of
people working in unison… Done well, it ceases to be about you or me, one individual or another. Instead, you
feel the energy of dozens of hearts and minds directed toward a shared purpose, guided by shared value.”
Unlike to the traditional organizational structure, Spotify provides a good example of exceptional team design
to improve its effectiveness. Known as “The Spotify Model,” technical staff are arranged into small,
autonomous, cross-functional Squads, each with five to nine people. Several squads in the similar areas are
collected into a Tribe. All people, who have the same responsibilities in separate Squads, are gathered in a
group called a Chapter. And Guilds allows their employers to gather according to their interests, tools,
knowledge, etc. (Links to an external site.)
Organizational Design for Creative-Inventive Markets: Spotify Culture
Agile Way of Working at ING Belgium (Links to an external site.)
Your task:
Option 1: Team Design
What are the important attributes when designing a team? Use an example to elaborate effective team
Option 2: Interpersonal Dynamics and Conflict
How should a conflict be approached and handled? Any consequences? Any conflict management theories to
be applied in the situation? Be specific.





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Critical Team Development and Intervention Tips for Project


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