CSR and sustalnahillty

CSR and sustalnahillty.

You have expert. In the areas of business ethics, CSR and sustalnahillty. Your company Is fad.g severe business ethic, CSR and sustainabIllty issues, negatively Imparting bra. Image. The top ..gement Is committed to strategically work in these areas and happy to offer an investment of $1.11i. AUD over 3 years. You need to write a detailed report eapbining the present sit..n, and a detailed plan to implement act…
Title pap: • Title of the report • You name and background rate and eaperthe, Background: (around 100 wads)
• Brief description on the business • Si. industry, service or goods bar both) • General operating environment
Current Issues (around 100 worth) • What are the major business ethics/CSR/s…ability issues? (Focus on one selected • concept =to; htlierotraT,ewriewPt’is”)…g? Why? In each of the Issue) • What Is/will be the implications., Impart of the issue? What is the need to manage them issues, • W. are the stakeholders Impacted? iemployees . 1,00ors,customers, enTlionIfiento community etc)
Iteplemeetalloe Plan: (around 700 words) • state a brief vision statement • What? kV.? When? Where? (Justification, partners, consuitants) • Actions or activities • How will this be achieved over 3 years? • How much Investment/cast? • U. of any CSR/Surtainability standard or framework? • Plan for CSA/S.tainabllity reporting
Impkatl.s and …ludo. /around 300 words) • What will be possible outcomes? • What will be the impact, (on business, market., stakeholders) • Relevance with SOD, • Future Flan for CSR/Sustalnability reporting • Conclude the report
Refeteeoss: • use MA Mere… style • Use minimum 10 academic references • Online sources should be on top of it, such as Govertrnerit reports, websites

CSR and sustalnahillty


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