Current Event with The multiplier effect

Current Event with The multiplier effect.


Write a short paper. Using news sources, search for recent examples of major investments in a local or regional economy of interest. These might involve the establishment of a new facility or the announcement of investment in an existing facility. Examine the stories carefully. Answer the following questions:

How many jobs are seen to be directly associated with the investment?
How many jobs will be created beyond those directly associated with the facility?
Using these figures, you can estimate the multiplier associated with each investment, what is the multiplier?
How do the multipliers compare between different cases of investment?
To further investigate the question of input-output linkages please explore the Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment Model:

The Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University has created an Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment Model that allows you to investigate the materials and energy resources required for different economic activities. The online user-friendly model allows you to select a sector of interest and then determines the inputs required to produce a certain amount of the product. In addition to the material linkages the model also specifies the environmental impacts of different activities.

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Current Event with The multiplier effect


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