Current social issues

Current social issues.

1. State the current social issue you chose and addressed for your last discussion assignment (Chapter 21 and
Final Preparation Discussion Assignment).
2. Find a current event (this is a news story/incident story, not informational piece, that occurred within the last
five years) that relates to your chosen social issue, then complete the following in at least 7 sentences:
2a. Summarize the event. Address the details of the story: who, what, where, when, why/how.
2b. Analyze your news story, then provide a full explanation of what this current event reveals about this social
problem. To do this, seek out implications behind the details of the story.
2c. Include a Web link to your current event source.
Make sure to address all of the above for item #1 and #2. (15 points)
3. Search for social organizations, social movements, and/or political policies that are trying to address your
chosen social issue. Then complete the following in at least 7 sentences:
3a. Thoroughly describe one social organization, social movement, and/or political policy that you found.
3b. Give an evaluation of it’s effectiveness in improving the social issue. Provide details of specific
accomplishments and/or data that demonstrates their effectiveness.
Extra Credit Opportunity – You can earn up to 4 points for correctly addressing one more additional social
organization, social movement, and/or political policy according to the instructions.
Make sure to address 3a and 3b to complete item #3. (15 points)
4. Choose one major sociological perspectives (functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism) and
provide an explanation on how the social issue you’re focusing on would be explained or approached from this
perspective in at least 6 sentences.
Explain the general view/philosophy of your chosen sociological perspective as it
relates to analyzing society. Make sure to include important ideas from this perspective.

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Current social issues


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