Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Plan.


Create a curriculum development, design, implementation, and evaluation
process for your content area in an educational setting. Your written assignment should be in the form of a
proposal which you might submit to a school board as your proposal for the plan. All aspects of the proposal
should align with each other in philosophy and approach. You must use APA level 1 headings for each of the
aspects listed below. This paper should be between 2100-3000 words in length.
The final document must explicitly and fully address (explain) and exemplify the following aspects:
· Context – description of the school or district including information about the number of students and teachers,
size of the community, and other demographic information.
· Educational philosophy statement, the organization’s beliefs about the teaching/learning process.
· Vision, mission, statement of purpose (rationale) for curriculum development/renewal.
· Describe the curriculum design you will follow. What will work best in your setting? Explain why you have
chosen this design (how it fits in with your philosophy and rationale). Include a discussion of technology in the
design process.
· Describe the curriculum development process. Is it technical or non-technical? Who determines or develops
the curriculum? What model will you use and why? What types of aims, goals, and objectives will be included
(cognitive, behavioral, etc. Make sure it is consistent with your philosophy and purpose. You need only provide
a few examples of each).
· Describe the implementation process. Is it a technical or non-technical model? What is
the culture of the school? How will it affect the implementation? What type of communication plan will be
utilized? What support and resources will be included? How will the plan address resistances change, at all
levels? Who will be the key players?
· Describe the evaluation process. What evaluation model will you use and why? How does it fit in with the
design and implementation models you chose?


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Curriculum Plan


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