Customer confidence issue

Customer confidence issue.


You’ve just cemented a deal between a $100 million pension fund and Green Company, a large regional money manager. You and your staff put in long hours and a lot of effort to close the deal and are feeling very good about it. You and three of your direct reports are having lunch in a fancy restaurant to celebrate a promotion, when the waiter brings you a phone. A senior account executive from Green is on the phone and wants to buy you lunch in gratitude for all your efforts. “I’ll leave my credit card number with the restaurant owner, he says. “You and your team have a great time on me.” Describe three courses of action you might take and the pros and cons of each?

2.Customer confidence issue:

You’re working the breakfast shift at a fast food restaurant when a delivery of dairy products arrives. There’s a story in the local newspaper about contaminated milk that has been distributed by the dairy which has supplied a delivery of milk to your restaurant. When you read the article more closely, you discover that there’s a problem with only a small portion of the dairy’s milk, and the newspaper lists the serial numbers of the containers that are problems. When you point out the article to your manager, he tells you to forget it. “If you think we’ve got time to go through every carton of milk to check serial numbers, you’re crazy,” he says. “The article says right here that the chances are minuscule that anyone has a contaminated carton.” He also explains that, not only doesn’t he have the workers to check the milk, but also destroying the milk would require him to buy emergency milk supplies at the retail price. So, he tells you to get back to work and forget about the milk. He says, “I don’t have the time or the money to worry about such minor details.” Is this issue ethical, or not? Why?

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Customer confidence issue


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