Cybersecurity Breaches

Cybersecurity Breaches.




eal-life Concept:
This past year there have been reports regarding the Panama Papers. This project is based on those reports.

Your supervisor has asked you to explain to a group of your office co-workers the importance of cybersecurity by using the cyber breach example of the Panama Papers and its potential implications to those affected, clients, and providers.

Assigned Task:
For this Discussion, you will:
• Create a presentation that includes a summary of the Panama Papers incident and what we know as of today.
• Include 3 practices to prevent our company from a cybersecurity breach.


[Eddynstain]. (2016, April) Panama Papers – The Secrets of Dirty Money (YouTube: 11:43) [Video File] Video

1. Read the following What Are the Panama Papers? (New York Times article).

2. CHOOSE ONE of the following types of presentations listed below that will explain the topic.
o Note: The links will direct you to a tutorial or tool related to the media:
Choices for Types of Presentations

1. Create a Concept Map (
o If you choose this option, do a print screen (screenshot) of your concept map and upload it to this discussion topic.

2. Create an Infographic (
o You may use your SPC student email to register if you wish. Choose a template, click and personalize your infographic. Create a screenshot or save as jpg and upload it to this discussion topic.

3. Create a Video (with or without audio).
o You can use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie (Apple) or you may use any online video tool (i.e. Moovly or any other video creator). Upload it to YouTube and submit the URL for your video to this discussion topic or enter the embed code.

4. Create a Cartoon Strip (explaining the concept).
o You may do this by hand or use an online cartoon strip generator (pay attention to the frames, characters, items and text options). Create a screenshot or save as jpg and upload it to this discussion topic.

Please make sure your discussion posts include all of the items below:

• Either a Jpeg, Video, or Cartoon of your presentation.
• Include 3 practices to prevent our company from a cybersecurity breach.
• Reply to at least one of your peers’ posting.
o You will be able to view your peer’s postings after you post your own.

Please view the Discussion Rubric for the grading criteria.

When you are asked to UPLOAD your submission – you will upload it both as an attachment AND as CONTENT in the discussion.
FAQ – “How do I ADD a screenshot/graphic/video to the content of the discussion post?
• a. Click on Insert Image (second icon from the left in the tool bar of your discussion post),
o Click on MY Computer if it is a file from your hard drive, select the file you want.
o Click UPLOAD and ADD.

• b. OR Click on URL (if you choose to create a video) if you want to upload a URL:
o Type the URL in the space provided, then click ADD.

• Note: Your Concept Map, Infographic, Video, or Cartoon needs to be self-explanatory. You will need to post a short description as to why you chose that media.

You may NOT use PowerPoint.
You may use digital pictures as the content of your infographic, concept map, and/or video but you may NOT take a digital picture (with your cell phone) of your drawing, concept map nor infographic. You must use a screenshot/print screen for this assignment.
• Discussion Rubric


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Cybersecurity Breaches


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