Define the term Industry

Define the term Industry.

I’m stuck on a Research & Summaries question and need an explanation. Week 4 Discussion: Disruptions question When we think about the omni-channel retailer, what type of disruptions would a retail executive expect to encounter? 5 paragraphs long Each answer needs to be 2-3 pages in length Remember to cite your sources and proof your work. QUESTION 1Define the term Industry 4..0. How will this retail revolution improve omni-channel retailing? QUESTION 2What kind of additional skills, techniques and strategies would retail/merchandise managers be required to learn? QUESTION 3Explain the Luxury Brand Management (LBM) framework. How could this model assist retail/merchandise managers? QUESTION 4Based on your research, readings, and videos during the last four weeks, what type of global omni-channel retail organizational and management practices do you foresee changing in the next five years? QUESTION 5Define the term, “Just-in-Time” (JIT) with respect to the exchange of goods. How will the function improve the process of an omni-channel retailer transitioning to I.4.0?Week 5 Success/Failures of AI Discuss the strategic successes/failures of implementing Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) of a global, omni-channel retailer. 5 paragraphs long Week 5 Assignment #1: Analyze the success/failure of implementing an Omni-Channel retailer’s globalization and digitalization efforts. Research and select a retailer whose organizational structure is global and omni-channel. Assess and determine whether the retail executive has been successful at upholding the retailer’s brand. Begin your paper with an introduction page (pg. 1) : Include the following information on page 1:Name of the omni-channel retailer

Company’s background
Company’s organizational structure
Why you chose to research this company?
Approximately, how many employees work for the retailer? In which countries does the retailer operate?
Pages: Introduction to your research paper. (See above)
Is the retailer utilizing a method comparable to the Retail Banner Standardization (RBS) method? Explain why/or why not.
Does the retailer maintain the company’s brand? If so, how?
Based on your research and readings, do you believe the retailer’s management is/is not prepared for Industry 4.0?
Explain in detail. What is the current financial viability of the retailer?
The assignment must be 7-pages long. Be sure to include a reference page and to cite your sources.
Requirements: Mentioned in the question

Define the term Industry


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