Define the terms:

Define the terms:.

– Discuss the three broad forms of advertising research? Briefly describe each form, as well as when and how it is used. List the methods and techniques related to each.
– Brands like Apple seems to know how to spot or keep up with trends in consumer technology. What is trendspotting and why is it important in advertising and IBP as related to (a) consumer insights and (b) design thinking? Provide examples and quantifiable/qualifiable data to support your claims.
– Define the terms: brand awareness, top-of-the-mind awareness, purchase intent, trial usage, repeat purchase, and brand switching. Choose three (3) of these concepts and give real-life examples of these concepts supported by data.
– Discuss how advertising transmits meaning. Choose three (3) ads or ad campaigns and give examples of how this concept is manifested in each support your findings with research and data.
Responses should be 4-6 pages in length (not including Works Cited page(s). Please structure your writing with a well-developed Introduction. A carefully-considered thesis statement should be included in your introduction. Develop (and support with your research) your ideas in the body of the paper and bring everything together at the end with a clearly defined summary/conclusion.
Follow the rubric at the top of Moodle carefully.
Include at least five (5) outside sources in your work. Cite your sources (in both the text of the paper and with a dedicated Works Cited page) using the APA style citations format. Remember underground blogs and Wikipedia do not qualify as credible sources. Papers should make use of our textbook as well as at least two other outside sources when postulating responses.
Use a formalized academic writing style that is clear, concise, focused, structured and backed up by evidence. The purpose of this paper is to aid the reader’s understanding. Avoid jargon, contractions and a less formal conversational style of writing.
Your writing should have a formal tone and style, but should not be too complex. It does not require the use of long sentences and complicated vocabulary, but should instead focus clearly on the research problem under investigation and precise word choice.
Spelling, grammar, word usage, and paragraph structure count. Put some thought and effort into your writing.


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Define the terms:


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