Demonstrate a critical awareness

Demonstrate a critical awareness.

Demonstrate a critical awareness of the complex nature of international trade, its main actors, the legal frameworks and institutions and their major issues; 2. Critically analyse and evaluate the trade exchanges at both quantitative and qualitative level; 3. Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the main trade, investment and promotion tools; 4. Demonstrate understanding and capability to elaborate an articulated export strategy for an international company, comprehensive of all the main phases and with discussion of its critical issues; Assignment Guidelines: Using key topics from this module, develop an export strategy for an exporter in a developing country of your choice for entry into the European market. Please choose a specific country in Europe that the product or products will be exported to. Also ensure that this firm is not already exporting this product(s) to that European country. Required: Write a Board Paper asking the board of directors of the chosen exporter to adopt and implement your proposed export strategy.
 Your Board Paper should include an analysis of the proposed strategy taking into account the following issues: · International trade theory: Why and how firms engage in international trade · Approaches used by firms to adhere/avoid/bypass instruments of trade protection or to benefit from trade promotion and investment tools (at national, regional and global levels) · Types of export-related strategies · Accessing market opportunities: entry strategy, cross-border collaboration and risk analysis · Logistics, modes of transport and information technology · Incorporating ethical issues in strategic decision-making Your analysis and recommendations should also consider the benefits and potential barriers to successful implementation of the future strategy. This should be followed by a step-by-step implementation plan.


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Demonstrate a critical awareness


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