Discuss: Cultural and Language Genogram

Discuss: Cultural and Language Genogram.

Discuss: Cultural and Language Genogram
Review the discussion forum guidelines (Links to an external site.) and rubricLinks to an external site. before posting.
Part A
After completing the Think Cultural Health: Introduction and Course I, select a colleague or friend to interview. Try to find someone who has a different culture than you. Post a summary of the cultural details which includes:
Where was the client born?
How long has the client lived in the United States?
What is the client’s ethnic affiliation?
What are the client’s primary and secondary languages?
What is the client’s religion? Describe its importance in daily life and current practices.
What are their health and illness beliefs and practices, esp. around birth, illness and death?
Part B
Provide an example of how nursing care would accommodate a patient from this culture.
Part C
Use the Genogram Template  downloadto create a Genogram. Attach your completed Genogram and Cultural Competency Statement of Participation to your post.
SN: Colleague….Indian….lived in the US for 13 years….Female….Religion Hindus….language Hindi, English….
Anything I don’t mention you can add
Don’t forget to use at least 2 references

Discuss: Cultural and Language Genogram


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