Discuss the various ways

Discuss the various ways.

Write an essay in response to ONE (1) of the following.

While your answers should be composed of clear, complete sentences, they will be evaluated primarily on the basis of content and argument, illustrated with examples drawn from material across the course. You do not need to include citations. Be specific in your response. Suggested essay length: 1,000-1,250 words.

  1. In their introduction to Talking Back to the Indian Act, Mary-Ellen Kelm and Keith Smith outline 5 touchstones of historical understanding (change over time; context; causality; contingency; complexity) and 4 touchstones of Indigenous methodologies (reciprocity; respect; responsibility; relationship). Select ONE (1) of these touchstones and discuss its relevance as a theme for understanding the history of Indigenous-settler relations in Canada over the period covered by this course. Be specific.
  1. Discuss the various ways in which land and resources were transferred from Indigenous management to the control of the relative newcomers to their territories in the period covered by our course. Be specific.
  1. Anishinaabe scholar Gerald Vizenor has described survivance as “an active sense of presence, the continuance of native stories, not a mere reaction, or a survivable name. Native survivance stories are renunciations of dominance, tragedy and victimry.” Discuss this concept with specific relevance to material presented in this course. Be specific.
  1. Indigenous women were seen by settlers as in particular need of reformation. With specific reference to the material presented in this course explain why this was the case, what governmental policy was developed to meet this perceived need, what the effects of policy and legislation on Indigenous women were, and what steps women took in response.
  1. Explain, discuss, and evaluate Métis grievances, Métis attempts to resolve these grievances, and governmental response in the second half of the nineteenth century and beyond. Be specific.
  1. Explain and evaluate the Canadian government’s long-term objectives related to Indigenous people in the period covered by this course. Discuss and assess the impact of policy, legislation, and other initiatives Canada introduced in order to achieve these objectives. Be specific.
  1. With specific reference to materials presented in the course, explain how the study of the history of relations between Indigenous and settler peoples in Canada has contributed to your understanding of contemporary issues in this area. Draw specific connections.

Discuss the various ways


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