Create a PowerPoint slide show with notes pages discussing their PICOT question, literature review, and recommendations for change.
Students will synthesize the information they have gathered during the course to formulate a presentation advocating for a practice change in relation to an area of interest to NP practice. May use all references used in previous assignments.
§  P = Healthcare providers taking care of patients with terminal diagnosis’s
§  I = End of life education program
§  C = No intervention/current practice
§  O = Improve the timeframe in which patients receive palliative or hospice consultations from on average 20-38 days to 90 days, respectively, before death
§  T = Within 6 months
§  PICOT Question written in full: 
Among healthcare providers taking care of patients with terminal diagnosis’s does undergoing an end-of-life education program compared to no intervention/current practice result in an improvement in the timeframe in which patients receive palliative or hospice consultations from on average 20-38 days to 90 days, respectively, before death; measured within 6 months.
In a PowerPoint Presentation, address the following.
1. Title Slide
2. Introduction (1 slide): Slide should identify concepts to be addressed and sections of the presentation. Include speaker’s notes that explain, in more detail, what will be covered.
3. Practice Issue (1-3 slides): Describe the area of interest and practice issue/problem related to NP practice selected in week 2. Explain why the issue/concern is important to nurse practitioner practice and its impact on health outcomes. Provide speaker notes. Provide scholarly references to support your ideas.
4. PICOT Question (1 slide): Provide the PICOT question developed in week 2. Describe each element of your PICOT question in one or two sentences, being sure to address all the following:
a.    P-Population and problem – What is the nursing practice concern or problem and whom does it affect?
b.    I–Intervention – What evidence-based solution for the problem would you like to apply?
c.    C–Comparison – What is another solution for the problem? Note that this is typically the current practice, no intervention at all, or alternative solutions.
d.    O–Outcome – Very specifically, how will you know that the intervention worked? Think about how you will measure the outcome.
e.    T–Time frame – What is the Timeframe involved for the EBP initiative or the target date of completion?
5. Literature review (2-4 slides): Summarize the literature review completed in week 5. Discuss themes and special concerns. Discuss any unique insight or perspective offered from the literature. Provide speaker notes. Speaker notes and/or slides include citations from scholarly nursing literature which support the assertions presented.
6. Recommendations (3 slides):
a.    Slide 1: Identify the evidence-based recommendation for the identified practice change. Speaker’s notes should fully explain the recommended change and rationale for the change. Provide support from scholarly references to support the recommendation.
b.    Slide 2: Identify the key stakeholders impacted by the recommended change. Speaker’s notes add detail.
c.    Slide 3: Analyze the recommendation in terms of fit, feasibility, and appropriateness as discussed by Dang and Dearholt (2018), ch. 8. Speaker’s notes add detail. *Note: information regarding stakeholders, fit, feasibility, and appropriateness may be based on personal experience or on information you found in your research. If the identified factors come from the literature, provide reference citations to support your ideas.
7. Conclusion: (1 slide) Slide provides summary points of presentation. Speaker’s notes provide final comments on the topic.
8. References: Reference elements provided in APA 7th edition format, may use bullets. Hanging indents not required.
May use as many references as you need 5-7??
Submission Requirements
1. Length: The PowerPoint presentation should be between 9-13 total slides (excluding title and reference slides).
Speaker notes should be used and include in-text citations when applicable. Use the Notes Page view feature in P


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