Domestic Terrorism/Civil Liberties:

Domestic Terrorism/Civil Liberties:.

1. Read: “ How 9/11 changed fiction: After the unthinkable – Alternative Formats ”
2. Read: “How likely are foreign terrorists to kill Americans? The odds may surprise you” –;
3. Read: “Muslim Americans: Current political climate worse than after 9/11” – Gregory Krieg,
4. Investigate site: “Islamophobia” –
5. Listen to: Interview with Deepa Iyer: “How South Asians Have Been Othered by 9/11” –
6. Watch: “2016 NPS Finals – San Diego – “Islamophobia” by Rudy Francisco,
7. Natasha Hooper, and Amen Ra” (YouTube)
8. Read: “Accessibility score: Low Click to improve Can Television Be Fair to Muslims? Can Television Be Fair
to Muslims? – Alternative Formats ” – Melena Ryzik,
9. Read: “Ramy Youssef on making TV’s first Muslim American sitcom, Hulu’s millennial comedy ‘Ramy” –
10. Listen to: Podcast: “The Department” – Homeland Insecurity, Raices, 2020
11. Watch: Art ≠ Terrorism Wafaa Bilal, Hudson Mohawk Indymedia, 2012 (Vimeo)
12. Read: Reframing 9/11, Introduction and choose four of Chapters 1,2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 16
13. Watch: Team America: World Police (2004) online – Google Play, Amazon, etc.
14. Watch: opening sequence of Team America – YouTube
15. Read: “The KKK Is a Terrorist Organization” – Max Abrams,
16. Read: “ ‘Accessibility score: Low Click to improve I Think About It Daily’: Life in a Time of Mass Shootings
17. I Think About It Daily’: Life in a Time of Mass Shootings – Alternative Formats ” –;
18. Read: “Accessibility score: High Click to improve
19. Guns kill more people. So why does terrorism get all the attention? – Alternative Formats ” – Tom Diaz,
20. Read: Civil Liberties Today – Alternative Formats ”- Adam Liptak,
21. Read: “Orlando, race, and the meaning of terror” Terrell Starr,
22. Read: “Revealed: FBI investigated civil rights group as ‘terrorism’ threat and viewed KKK as victims” – Sam
23. Read: “Homeland Security Disbands Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit – Alternative Formats ” – Betsy
24. Excerpt from Accessibility score: Low Click to improve American Hate American Hate – Alternative Formats
, Arjun Sethi, The New Press, 2018, pps. 96 – .
25. Chapter 7: “Marwan Kreidie and Shahid Hashmie (Blackboard)



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Domestic Terrorism/Civil Liberties:


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