due by mondayAnswers 1Homework Assignment

due by mondayAnswers 1Homework Assignment.

During Week #4, your second personal narrative is due.  This paper will be another three page paper on one of the following topics.  Your paper may be written in either first or third person. 

Below the topics is a mentor text as a sample of what is expected.

 1)  A Memorable Experience from Childhood

     2)  The Painting Stuck Inside My Heart

     3)  I Could Have Danced All Night

     4)  Food and Memories

     5)  An Historical Character Who I Would Like to Meet

     6)  A Lesson I Will Never Forget

     7)  An Interesting Ancestor

     8)  When Ugly Got Uglier

     9)  Regrets

    10)  The Top of My Bucket List

    11) When Things Did Not Add Up

    12)  Happy

    13)  Confused

    14)  Left Without Words

    15)  Hearts, Spades, and Pinochle

    16)  If I Could Only Be ___ Years Old

    17)  Holiday Memories

    18)  The Day the World Turned Upside Down

    19)  I Wish It Had Never Ended

    20)  Me!  It’s All About Me!

second assigment Paper due Monday, May 30 at 3:00 AM (Required)

Project 2: Organization – Once you have completed your journal, you should be able to create a working outline of your paper.  For this assignment you should provide that outline in whatever form you like – you may use a graphic outline, you may use post-it notes that have been grouped together or you may use a traditional outline.  Once again the purpose here is to help you develop an organizational process that works for you.  The only requirement for this outline is that it have a working thesis and at least three different supporting subtopics.  As with your journal you may choose an assignment from one of your other courses (or even the same assignment as the journal) to complete this project.  Once you have completed your outline, please upload it in MS Word or a compatible file format

What to consider

Good preparation is key to good writing.  As you move through your academic career, it will become more difficult to just sit and write a coherent paper without a clearly defined thesis and supporting subtopics.  By preparing an outline in whatever format works for you, you have already begun the subconscious process of organizing your thoughts.  An outline, while not cast in stone, will provide the framework that will keep you on message during your paper.

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due by mondayAnswers 1Homework Assignment


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